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The Band | Windy City the Band

The Band

Jesus Benitez - Guitar

Jesus is an Electrical Engineer, but will always remain a kid. He always imagined he would be making a living as a musician. He love music, especially Chicago. Ever since high school he has been playing Chicago music. At that time he played with a band called “Hidden Smile”. Arthur Compean,our keyboard player and Jaime Solorza, our bass player, also played with Hidden Smile. They have been playing Chicago music together since then! He also played with the band “Tejas” from 1989 – 1997. One reason that he has been playing this music so long is because he likes the music a lot. It’s not about the money anymore, it’s about the passion we all have for this wonderful music!

Junie Chavez - Drums/Vocal

Junie Chavez, is the lone remainder of the original members of "Windy City", El Paso, Texas' tribute band to "Chicago", and has been since 2003. Junie has been playing the drums since 7th grade and is a self taught drum kit drummer since 1970, the same year that he was introduced and hooked on the band and music of "Chicago". At present, he is taking online lessons on the drum kit in order to improve, from Jared Falk. His goal for the band is to take it to the level of being Las Vegas, Nevada worthy. Together with the musicians that are presently members of "Windy City", that goal is not far from it's reality. "We will continue to do what it takes to attain that "Elite" status".

Arthur Compean - Keyboards/Vocals

Issac gonzales - Lead Vocals

Since the age of 7, Isaac Gonzales has always sung acappella style music along side his 2 brothers who together make up a the group Voces. In the summer of 2011, Isaac was asked to help out Windy City and has loved his role ever since. "It's a great experience learning and singing these great Chicago classics, these great songs deserve to be shared with their fans and ours"

Dr. Charles Leinberger - Trumpet

Charles Leinberger has been a Chicago fan since he started playing trumpet in 1969. Originally from Cleveland, he moved to El Paso in 1998 when he joined the faculty of the University of Texas at El Paso, where he is now an associate professor. He has been playing trumpet and flugelhorn with Windy City since May of 2012. He also performs regularly at Saint Luke Catholic Church.

Marc Moomaw - Saxophone

Daniel Rodriguez - Trumpet

Jaime Solorza- Bass Guitarist

Jaime started playing bass guitar in 1969 with an 8th Grade Rock and Roll band that included Windy City’s guitar player, Jesus Benitez. Some other musicians, including Arthur Compean from Windy City, from around the neighborhood heard us practicing and asked if we would like to join them and play the music of Chicago Transit Authority. That is the first time he heard the music was instantly blown away.

After another group made fun of our band for lack of equipment at a church bazaar, we vowed to practice hard every day until we had the music of Chicago and other popular brass groups down tight before making our public debut. Those early days of learning and playing the music of Chicago was filled with wonderment and excitement, 44 years later, he is still in awe of this great music.